Red and Light Grey Color Waterproof Polyester Large Capacity Backpack

Red and Light Grey Color Waterproof Polyester Large Capacity Backpack

SKU: CO17182A


➀ Waterproof material. Suitable for outdoor activities
Designer selected a High-Density Waterproof Polyester material as the main body material.
This fabric is normally used on outdoor sports bags. It is lighter and more tear-resistant than standard Polyester.


➁ Shoulder Straps Inserted with thick Poly Foam
There is a 1cm thick Poly Foam inserted in the Should Straps, Top Handle and the Back.
It could help to lessen the weight when you are carrying the bag.


➂ Multi-Compartments; Practical Design
Our waterproof backpack was designed with multi-compartments and large capacity.
You can put all your necessities and personal belongings into the bag.
Compartments included ...
Outer side zipper pouch x 2
Front large zipper pocket x 1
Inner slot pocket x 1
Inner elastic pocket x 1


➃ Combination of Materials
Main Body, Top Handle, Shoulder Straps:
High-Density Waterproof Polyester

Zipper Pull and Bottom Part:
Durable and Tear-Resistant Suedette Fabric

The combination of these 2 fabric's usage makes our backpack more durable.



  • Benefits of using synthetic leather:
    - It is easier to maintain and clean then genuine leather
    - it’s price is more affordable
    - It won’t take animal’s life during the production of synthetic leather
    - High quality synthetic leather do not have a “plastic like” texture

    Care & Cleaning Instructions of synthetic leather:

    > Please put into our dust bag after use
    > Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe off dust on the bag surface
    > Use mild detergent to clean and cotton cloth to clean the dirt.

    ✖ Do not dry clean the bag
    ✖ Do not put it into washing machine
    ✖ Do not use brushes to wipe off dirt