Petite Twin Bag - Brown and Pink Color Faux Leather Small Ladies Handbag Set

SKU: CO17282A284C


The concept behind our Petite Twin Bag is inspired by our Brand’s motto, diversity & practicality.

It offers a whole array of personal touches with endless customization.
It is Flexible, practical and simple throughout its design.

Flexible to switch colors and with a variety of choices.
Practical utilities make it convenient to be part of your daily companion.
Its simple mechanics makes it easy for mix and match and to add excitement to your outfit!


Our Prtite TWIN Bag can be separated into 2 bags; 
The outer handbag and 
The inner clutch bag/ shoulder bag.
You can use individually or together with your own preference.

The Outer Handbag
The outer Hanbag is crafted from High-Quality PU Synthetic Leather. It is a durable and easy-to-clean material with a soft and smooth texture which can always keep the bag in good shape and good look!

With its roomy interior, users can put daily essentials into one bag such as wallet, makeups, keys, mobile. It can even fit a 9.7 inch i-Pad Air 2 or i-Pad Pro!

You can either carry it using the handle or utilize it as a shoulder bag with the detachable strap that comes with it.

The Inner Clutch Bag
The inner clutch bag is crafted from our selected Suedette Fabric, which makes a very durable option with a soft-touch as genuine suede leather and it is more wear and tear resistance.

It can be attached to the outer handbag by placing the 2 tabs on both sides through the D-Ring and buckled with the outer collar studs.

If you want to detached the inner clutch bag, you can unbuckle the outer collar studs on both sides, place the two tabs through its small loops and buckle up with its own collar studs to become two separate bags.

You can either hold it as a hand clutch bag or use it as a shoulder bag with the shoulder strap. 


- Detachable shoulder straps with adjustable length x 2
- Lining fabric is featured with printed dots pattern. 
- Metal rivets x 4 at the base to allow the bag to stand up right steadily 
- Smooth nylon zipper closure for both bags
- Inner zipper pocket x 2
- Inner slot pocket x 2

  • Benefits of using synthetic leather:
    - It is easier to maintain and clean then genuine leather
    - it’s price is more affordable
    - It won’t take animal’s life during the production of synthetic leather
    - High quality synthetic leather do not have a “plastic like” texture

    Care & Cleaning Instructions of synthetic leather:

    > Please put into our dust bag after use
    > Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe off dust on the bag surface
    > Use mild detergent to clean and cotton cloth to clean the dirt.

    ✖ Do not dry clean the bag
    ✖ Do not put it into washing machine
    ✖ Do not use brushes to wipe off dirt

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