Petite Pink Color Suedette Leather Shoulder Bag

Petite Pink Color Suedette Leather Shoulder Bag

SKU: CO17284C

▲ Petite Pink Color Suedette Leather Shoulder Bag▲

◼ One Bag, Two Ways ◼

COSPAC ♦Petite Shoulder Bag / Sling Bag♦ 
Can be used individually or 
it can also attached onto our ♦Petite Handbag♦ to become a Petite Twin Handbag.

◼ Various Choice of Colors, Best Matching Item ◼

Designer has chosen 5 different colors including our latest Light Pink.Choose the best color to match with your outfits!


Our selected Suedette Fabric makes a very durable option with a soft-touch as genuine suede leather and it is more wear and tear resistance. 


Although it is small, it’s capacity is more than enough for your daily hangout!


- One detachable shoulder straps with adjustable length. 
- Selected durable Faux Leather fabric as main body material to give a sturdy body and an easy-to-clean feature. 

- Smooth nylon Zipper closure
- Inner zipper pocket x 1
- Inner slot pocket x 1


  • Benefits of using synthetic leather:
    - It is easier to maintain and clean then genuine leather
    - it’s price is more affordable
    - It won’t take animal’s life during the production of synthetic leather
    - High quality synthetic leather do not have a “plastic like” texture

    Care & Cleaning Instructions of synthetic leather:

    > Please put into our dust bag after use
    > Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe off dust on the bag surface
    > Use mild detergent to clean and cotton cloth to clean the dirt.

    ✖ Do not dry clean the bag
    ✖ Do not put it into washing machine
    ✖ Do not use brushes to wipe off dirt