Our Design Concept & Philosophy

"For the numerous choices out there, you deserve a perfect handbag represents you and just for you."

We are a big believer in "Inheritance". 
We pass on the best from generation to generation, adapt, improve overtimes and ages, and strive for perfection.


The COSPAC team span across two generations,
from the older craftsmen with over 25 years of professional experience to innovative younger team members breaking away from traditional ways. 















We believe that having a combination of traditional techniques with new innovation we can bring a new outlook to the current industry.

“Only a handbag that is crafted carefully with sincerity in each and every step can be worthy of someone like you who is a pursuit of life details.”
"Diligent" is our business philosophy. 
The COSPAC team takes care of the entire process single-handedly, from the initial draft, the design, the material selection, the cutting, the sewing, the sampling, the sample modifying to the manufacturing and packaging.













Our design concept is user orientated, both being aesthetically pleasing and practical along with a variety of combination of materials, even the interior of the handbag is done with a great deal of thoughtfulness from the COSPAC team.

We hope our handbags or other bag related products can become your best partner in your work, travel, leisure, and commute.














Insistence, we are dedicated to professionalism in handbag manufacturer.
Assurance, we guarantee that each handbag is subject to stringent production.
Quality, we ensure that every purchase you make is a top quality product.